Sunday, March 27, 2016


69 people were killed and over 300 were injured in a suicide bombing in Lahore, Pakistan. On a calm Sunday evening as the cool wind blew and the sun was setting to depart an explosion erupted. Chunks of bodies flew in the air. Blood splattered and pooled on the ground. The frazzled blast, worth only a couple moments, killed and injured many innocent families enjoying an Easter Sunday evening at Gulsha-I-Iqbal public park in Lahore. The Pakistan Army has been deployed to secure the city.

Most of the dead are children and women, that had gone for a weekend outing to the park. The blast occurred just outside the exit gate, which is located only a few meters away from the children’s swings. Bodies were seen flying in the air before they thumped dead on the ground. Eye witnesses claim the attack to have been a suicide bombing; the police haven’t confirmed whether the blast had been carried out by a suicide bomber or a remote controlled device.

It has been clear, in the past, that Pakistani hospitals aren’t equip to handle such disasters. Local televisions have informed that many of the dead bodies are being kept in hospital wards since all the morgues are completely full or over crowded. Dawn News recently informed the citizens of Lahore that there is a shortage in blood banks for blood types: A negative and O positive. Hospitals are requesting citizens with those blood types to donate.
Security in the city has sky rocketed. The Punjab government has ordered all parks to be shut down. Schools and shopping areas are on shut down and the streets are completely deserted. This is a time for national mourning. Why are the children of our nation being targeted? – they are our future.

Questions and assertions have risen that this attack was an act of terrorism by the Taliban.

Only a couple days ago there was another attack in a country neighboring Pakistan. A bomber blew himself up in a football (soccer) stadium in Iraq. The blast took place on Friday evening after an amateur football (soccer) game. Cell phone video footage showed that the blast happened in the midst of players collecting their trophies. Most of the crowd were young boys.

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world” – John Muir. On that note, I request my readers to take a moment of silence to pray for the children of Pakistan, Iraq and all the children of the world. We all need to find an allegiance towards protecting our future generations to come.  

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