Saturday, March 26, 2016

Note About Kissing In Karachi

Saira Khan was recently published in the New York times. Her article was titled “A Risky Kiss in Karachi.” The article highlighted some truths about Pakistan that are never told. In spite of the terrorism, corruption and security concerns, you still have people living there. And, if you have a population, you are bound to have a social class system.

The article mentioned above, is a personal experience that the writer has gone through. After a night of partying in Karachi, she goes on long drive with a close friend, S and finds herself making out with him in the car later that night on a deserted street in defense. Young, drunk and aroused the two found a police man knocking on the car window moments later. When she looked up, there were more policemen standing in front of the car. As her heart rate picked up and the stories of rape and assault crossed her mind, S roared the engine and raced out of there in reverse. The policemen quickly stumbled into their own ‘rickety’ Sukuzi Alto and tried follow. But the Saira and her S zoomed through different streets till they were safe and out of reach.

As mentioned in previous blogs, Pakistan follows the Sharia law regarding ‘zina’ – fortification and adultery – under this rule sex is prohibited outside of marriage. Even though the two were not having sex, getting caught having any sexy time is a serious no no! Why am I blogging about this article? Because it depicts a hidden truth about young adults in Pakistan. We make out, get drunk and do drugs like all other kids in other countries. And just like in other countries we get in trouble, the difference is, for us the stakes are much higher and the consequences the heavier.

This article in combination with the new law passed to protect women in Pakistan from being beaten and abused by their spouses or male family members highlights the glimpses of women empowerment in Pakistan. Where do women stand? Do you think it will get better for them?

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