Saturday, April 2, 2016


In the recent past Pakistan has been strongly linked to the word ‘terrorism’. Terrorism by Muslim extremist that have been hiding in the nation and taking advantage of its poverty to secure an army for themselves. Due to political unrest, many are looking past global warming effects that are severely hitting a majority of Pakistan’s population. The rise of climate change is becoming a serious threat – a threat that is terroristic in itself.

For years Pakistan has seriously struggled to manage crisis situations for its people. Every year it is something different, and the government can only manage a temporary treatment to the disaster before something new pops up. Pakistan’s poor infrastructure the the unfortunate cause for their inability to take care of their own people.

Currently Pakistan needs to tackle the water crisis in the country. Due to climate change, natural resources are drying up and making much of the land arid. The growth of population in the country is only straining the water crisis. The countries agriculture uses most of the water and the natural ground water supply is dropping greatly. Pakistan is suffering from the tragedy of the commons. The tragedy of the commons, is when individuals take advantage of public resources for their own personal gain without keeping in mind that it is also important to conserve the resource – it creates a first come, first serve motive. It is a hard truth to swallow, but all the ground water that has been lost will never reach the capacity at which it once was.

It is dire for Pakistan to invest in reservoirs and ways of harvesting rain water. Almost 70% of Pakistan’s rain water is wasted because of poor and inadequate storing facilities. Moreover, the leaders of the country need to make sure that there is water running in the the Indus River through out the year.

CLIMATE CHANGE IS NOT A JOKE! It is affecting millions in Pakistan; causing many deaths and malnutrition in numerous villages across the provinces. The country needs to improve the work that it is doing for its agriculture, industry, energy and health sectors. Terrorism seems like a threat to the pubic, but a greater threat that is lurking in the shadows of the country is climate change. Pakistan needs to conserve water, find ways in which it can reduce water wastage and in addition, begin farming water before it gets too late.

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