Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Brewing the BAD STUFF

As mentioned in my earlier blogs, Pakistan is a nation that follows Sharia Law. This means that Muslims in this country are forbidden from buying or drinking alcohol – but let’s be real, Muslims are prohibited from a lot of things that they do not prohibit themselves from. Anyhow, recently 24 people in southern Pakistan died after being poisoned from drinking bad alcohol. Many of these individuals were a part of minority groups, but some were also Muslim.
It is common for people to illegally brew alcohol at home. In fact, The Marree Brewery beer brand in Pakistan that is legally established, due to low competition and anti-alcohol regulation – it was established by the demand of British personal back in the 1800’s. Back in 1977 when Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was president, alcohol was complete prohibited in Pakistan but this rule was amended for any non-Muslim wishing to consume alcohol.
With limited resources online but much personal experience, I can say that there are a lot of tips about where and how to get your hands on some alcohol. However, it is important to keep in mind that most of the drinking is done behind closed doors and bulletproof windows. Giving out a bootlegger’s number is like giving out your hair dressers' number, it is a prized relationship built on years of trust and sincere reliability. Drinking isn’t part of the public social norm; rarely, can you find anyone drunk in public – in private though, the alcohol is free flowing, mostly for men but also for women. There is not a culture of bars or pubs, and so alcohol can only be served in restaurants, hotels and country clubs that carry licenses.
With a large society of regular drinkers in a place where drinking isn’t allowed, it is crucial to take caution of homemade alcohol – since it tends to be a recipe for disaster aka death. Many of the local deaths are a result of the consumption of homemade alcohol.
After reading a handful of news articles about homemade alcohol, I asked myself why they all report deaths of only non-Muslims. I have come to the conclusion that, why would a Muslim country report news about plenty of Muslims dying from poisoned alcohol? – they wouldn’t. The minorities that do consume homemade alcohol are usually poor and don’t have reliable resources. Moreover, families that do consume the most alcohol are middle or upper class families that rely on bootleggers to smuggle alcohol – exported alcohol – that doesn’t poison, under most circumstances.
All I wish to point out to you my readers, is be cautious of the perspective you are given through the news! Discover your own truth!

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