Sunday, April 3, 2016


Shahbaz Ali Taseer, the son of a prominent governor Salman Taseer. Sahabaz Ali Taseer was abducted on August 26th 2011 in Lahore. Eight months before his kidnapping, his father was assassinated by his own security guard, who was out raged by the governor’s campaign to alter he countries blasphemy laws. The Taseer family didn’t only lose a father and a husband but also suffered the loss of a son and brother for almost 5 years. The family is a pubic symbol for how extremists punish and threaten political families that try to bring liberal change.

Much of the information regarding Shahbaz Ali Taseer’s health and experience has not been revealed, since he was only found on Tuesday, 29th March 2016. What we do know is that he was discovered in Kuchlak, a town near Quetta. Quetta is in the Baluchistan Province, a region that has bee a battleground between the Pakistani security and ethnic Baluch separatists. It is also known to have a strong influence of sectarian extremist groups like the Afghan Taliban.

Mumtaz Qadri, he confessed killer of the late Mr. Taseer (Shahbaz Ali Taseer’s father) was seen as a hero for Islam by people of that region. However, it is still not clear which militant group was holding Mr. Taseer.

What does this tell us about extremist groups and secularists? They are scared! They are scared of liberal movement. But with the technology boom how can they push for conservative reform any longer….

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